About Tricia LaVoice

Tricia and her family

Tricia and her family

Tricia LaVoice has earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Applied Psychology from California State University, Long Beach and a Master’s of Science Degree in Educational Psychology from Fordham University.

Tricia is a writer/speaker/blogger for children and adults and the founder of Wishes for the Heart, Inc. She has written a series of Wishes books. The first, Wishes for the Mother’s Heart co-written with writer Barbara Lazaroff, was released by Hay House Publishing in 2011.   

 Wishes for the Grieving and Healing Heart is now available in eBook and in print. Other books by Tricia LaVoice include Helmets and Hoses, Toes and Noses, was released by Windstorm Creative in July of 2008. Several of her “Wishes” have been aired on the nationally syndicated radio program Hollywood Confidential.

Dear Martha, WTF? is a book centered on healing and finding joy again in nature, friendship and with a tree named, Martha. 

Tricia lives outside Seattle, WA with her husband and four children.

 Press inquiries:

Tricia welcomes opportunities for guest speaking (in -person, radio, podcast and on-camera.) She also invites you to send to her your questions or comments via her robust Facebook page.