People are talking about Dear Martha, WTF?


“Unforgettable! A rare new storyteller is here to stay.

—Gail Gonzales, Publisher, Adjunct professor, NYU School of Professional Studies

“With riveting power and energy, Tricia LaVoice demands and nds authentic answers in her own backyard.”

—Nancy Moonves, Producer, American Actress

“LaVoice nds healing and salvation in the most charming possible form. A story rich in imagery that follows a path of letting go, forgiving, and accepting.”

—Holly Holmberg Brooks, Producer, Writer

“With heartbreak and hilarity colliding on every page, an explosion of a book asking the ‘perennial’ question WHY, that only Mother Nature could dare answer. A resounding new voice of transformative power and wisdom. I give it 5 stars.”

—Carlene Watkins Weinberger, American Actress

“Dear Martha, WTF? is a story about the healing powers of friendship and aloneness in women’s lives. It is a moving, insightful memoir that has the power to make readers laugh, cry, think, and change. Tricia’s quirky observations permeate the book with a voice that is as hilarious as revealing. Reading this memoir is truly like journeying through life’s ups and downs with your own best friend.”

—Jennifer L. Holder, writer and founder of Full Bloom Publications

“Captivating from start to nish, an unflinching true tale that is both

provocative and poignant. A true pleasure to read.”

—Elizabeth Cash, Manhasset Book Club

“Tricia LaVoice is a soulful woman, frank and un ltered in a really good way. Her conversations with Martha take on grief, love, the chal- lenges of yoga, motherhood, her humorous philosophies about sex in a marriage, and other trials and tribulations of life. Her journey is one of ful llment.”

—Debra Brancato, LCSW


“Loss in all forms is an overwhelming and unpredictable journey. Author Tricia LaVoice’s candor in sharing her experience is both heartbreaking and healing.”

—Margaret McSweeney, author of Aftermath: Growing in Grace through Grief


“A must-read! Dear Martha, WTF? will touch many people’s lives as everyone has a personal story of love and lose. Through sharing her unique experience, Tricia LaVoice demonstrates we have a choice in this hopeful, humorous read.”

—Pam King, Founder of Tyler’s Warmth